Give armor to protect our medical heroes.

Give Armor was born from a vital need. In December 2019, the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) began its rapid spread, resulting in the unprecedented pandemic we now face. As of April 5, 2020, mere months since the discovery of COVID-19, there have been 1.34 million infections and 74,800 deaths reported across nearly 200 countries.  These staggering numbers grow with each passing day. Meanwhile, many hospitals are operating beyond full capacity. Our health heroes are burning through personal protective gear at 150% of the norm. Many are forced to go without proper hygienic PPE. They need more armor to fight this battle for all of us.

Lillian took note of this disparity and set out to help. She comes from an old construction family business and noticed that the N95 masks used in construction are the same masks used in hospitals, and that these very masks sitting in construction industry supply closets could be vitally redirected toward arming our frontline heroes in this critical moment of need. Lillian shared this insight with her friends from Hackcancer, and they inspired her to take action! Together they formed GiveArmor.com with a mission to galvanize and facilitate mass donations of N95 masks from U.S. construction companies to hospitals in need.

By simply donating your protective gear to hospitals, you can help protect our healthcare workers, and thereby help to protect your neighbors, family, and economy. Act now. Do something to change your future. Do something to be proud of when you look back at history.

Let’s let our frontline heroes know: We support you. We appreciate you fighting for us. We will do all we can to protect and arm you.


Lillian comes to Give Armor with over 15 years of working in commercial construction and RE development. Her professional background is in production operations and organization with a strong focus on empowering others.

On a personal note, Lillian strongly believes that, "Only when we realize we are all in this life together can we see the true magic of humanity, and what life is so worth living for."

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Cece studied healthcare at UC Berkeley and Columbia University and worked in the frontline at various major hospitals in New York City. She deeply empathizes with other frontline workers and wants to help them obtain the gear they need to protect themselves and others through Give Armor.

Cece also co-founded a virtual learning community called Canteen to help those who feel socially isolated, are bored at home, or lost their job, to deeply connect, earn money, and learn with others conveniently.


Elaine has 10+ years working in the tech industry with a background in marketing automation & operations, growth marketing, system integrations, and most recently, strategizing & program managing Linkedin's MarTech stack. Her professional passion is in automation where she strongly believes that we shouldn't be working hard, but instead, working smart.

On a personal note, she strongly believes in building community and working together, especially supporting one another during trying times like our current COVID-19 pandemic. In her own words, "the silver lining to this pandemic is that its bringing people together as we all share a common enemy–I believe that suffering can be a great teacher."


Melelani is our resident yogi, UX designer, and graphic artist.

A world traveler who is passionate about public health, mental health, and helping others achieve personal growth and optimal health, Melelani was immediately drawn to the #GiveArmor cause. As the pandemic spread from Asia to hard hit Italy and across the US, she became frustrated with the lack of US leadership and chose to channel that energy into finding solutions toward the COVID-19 crisis and getting PPE to people in need.

Web Developer & Designer

Nancy is a Software Engineer and freelance web/graphic designer who has been building websites, apps and designing marketing collateral for 2 decades.

Nancy believes protecting our front line heroes is a huge priority during this unprecedented time and is relieved to be able to contribute to the Give Armor mission and make a difference while isolated at home.